The Stetson Hills Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) welcomes you and your family to our school!  Our goal is to welcome and inform you about upcoming school and PTSA events, as well as foster relationships between parents, teachers, and students.  We hope that these friendships will not only benefit your children but yourself as well.

We realize how important your children are to you and that you want the best for them.  Being a part of the Stetson Hills PTSA will help make a difference in your school, home and community, as well as give you more input and involvement in the ever-changing happenings here at Stetson Hills.  Our PTSA strives to bring our community, families, and teachers together to share thoughts and ideas about programs and activities that benefit our children.

 Stetson Hills PTSA is responsible for most of the programs and events for the school.  Just a few of those, include: Family Bingo Night, Junior High Winter Dance, Back to School Ice Cream Social, Teacher Appreciation Week,  Grandparents Breakfast, Bottle Fillers @ Drinking Fountains, iPads, Chrome Books, & Smart Boards for the classrooms  and Teacher Training & Conferences.

We have two major fundraisers planned for this year.  We anticipate fundraising to support at home and Brick & Mortar learnings.

  • October 26th                                                  Step It Up
  • April 10th                                             All In Auction


We will also continue to raise funds to support these and other PTSA programs through Box Tops, Fry’s and  These programs generated over $2,000 last year alone!   We ask for your continued support for these programs- as there is no direct cost to you, but they are a large benefit to our school!  Please visit our website to become a member.

We look forward to seeing everyone, not only at our exciting family events, but also at PTSA meetings.   Remember you are the voice for your children and their future.

Below is your 2020-2021 PTSA Board.  Please contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have:


Debbie Daly

Vice President

Crystal Pingatore

Vice President

Nadda Blair


Tina Mickelson


Megan Zehrbach


Sarah Davis


In this packet you also find PTSA Membership information.   We hope that you will go on-line and join our team to help make a difference in our school.


Debbie Daly

PTSA President